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  1. There are studies showing a steady increase in the purchase – sales of hotels in the last few years. This could be due to the following reasons:

    • Sale by Hotel Groups of their owned hotels, to concentrate on its management.

    • Because it is a more reliable and profitable investment than the stock exchange in the middle and long term.

    • Tourism has a bright future and it does not seem to be affected on a permanent basis by crises, because people are in need of leisure time and they have more time to enjoy it.

    • Low-cost airlines are being developed in a very fast way: There are currently more than 100 no-frills airlines around the globe, making it easier for people to travel.

    • The internet is enabling travellers to make easier and cheaper travel arrangements

    • Hotels are doing well globally.

  2. Our research shows that most independent owners prefer to handle their property sales in a confidential off-market manner with local people they confide in.

  3. There are lots of individuals who are connected with the world of Hotel Brokerage but who are working on their own. They are not benefiting by the use of synergies and economy of scale on a global level.

  4. A great number of real estate corporations are handling Hotel Brokerage on the basis of “Jack of all trades”.

  5. Our objective is to solve these two issues:
    ***** To offer independent Hotel Brokers the opportunity to become Allied Globally and to be able to offer Clients and Investors a five-star service in the business of Hotel Brokerage.
    ***** To become The Experts and Masters in Hotel Brokerage, outsourcing to existing five-star specialists the majority of the extra services, thus offering our Clients a complete five-star package and solution.
    ***** All that with the best, fair and just “quality of service–cost” balance.

  6. If you wish to participate in the project, we would be pleased to hear from you. However, before you contact us, please go to the links “The Philosophy” & “Code of Professional Ethics (C.O.P.E.)”. Please read on, and if you think that your professional standards are of the level required there, please contact us. It may be of mutual benefit.

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