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  • Please note that we do not like courts because court cases take too long for any transaction query to be settled in due time, and when it is required and convenient for all the parties involved. So we, always, settle our professional or business disputes through the Arbitration and/or Mediation of "Asociación Comunitaria de Arbitraje y Mediación" (ACAM) or any other International Arbitration accepted by all parties. If you do not feel happy with this concept, our Alliance may not be for you.

  • Any Agreement that we all make through this Alliance will contain the following or a similar clause, incorporating the Arbitration body and reference to their By-Laws and Regulations: “The parties agree that any dispute arising as a result of the interpretation or the execution of this document will be finally settled by Equity Arbitration submitted to the "Asociación Comunitaria de Arbitraje y Mediación" (ACAM) url: http://www.arbitraje-acam.com/ to whom they request the administration and management of the Arbitral procedure and the nomination of the arbitrators, in accordance with its By-Laws and Regulations whose content they declare to be aware of and accept, particularly with respect to the costs of the procedure that will be covered by the unfulfilling party."

  • Arbitrations will be made in the language and country chosen by the parties and stipulated in the agreements and/or contracts.

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