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1.1. Mission of the GHBA:

1.1.1.      To serve and advice to the best of AHBs ability and knowledge, to Seller Clients, Buyer Clients, Investors, other AHBs, Independent Agents, Suppliers and Third-Parties, within a Global Market but with a Local savoir-faire, a GLOCAL professional attitude.

1.2.Reasons for a GHBA Code Of Professional Ethics (COPE)

1.2.1.      Our financial success depends on maintaining good relationships with our Clients and obtaining a constant excellent reputation.

1.2.2.     The business of Hotel Brokerage, with very important transactions, is normally based on relationships of trust and co-operation, so the need to behave in an honest and ethical attitude is extremely important. Consequently, it makes sense to base our modus operandi on a serious commitment and to abide by a COPE thus giving a guarantee to our Prospects, Clients, Colleagues, Suppliers and Third-Parties.

1.2.3.     When completing a transaction, AHBs are placed in a position of trust. Clients rely on their professional competence, diligence, expertise, fairness, honesty, integrity, knowledge, service and skills.

1.2.4.     Thus, the purpose of this COPE is to establish and maintain public confidence in the ability, honesty, integrity and professionalism of Hotel Brokers affiliated to the GHBA

1.2.5.     It will contribute to the continued development of a mutually beneficial relationship among all AHBs.

1.2.6.     This COPE outlines the accepted standard of conduct for all AHBs, but it does not attempt to cover every possible ethical and professional issue that may arise in our GHBA business. It does describe the basic principles and standards that should guide the conduct of all AHBs.

1.2.7.      AHBs are recommended to follow their professional best judgement when facing any sensitive situation, avoiding any activities that may even look improper, since all their actions will reflect on the GHBA as a whole. The collective success depends to a great extent on the general attitude of AHBs.

1.2.8.     Compliance with the COPE is a condition for continuing to receive the Facilities & Benefits of the GHBA

1.3.Objectives of the COPE

1.3.1.      This COPE has been prepared and adopted by the GHBA and it is intended to promote the ethical and professional operation of Alliance.

1.3.2.     The GHBA’s COPE recognizes the measure of professionalism and defines the high standards of performance offered in all our transactions.

1.3.3.     The acceptance of an AHB of the GHBA symbolizes a commitment and aiming to the following professional conducts and achievements:           Ability in Hotel Brokerage Service.           Accurate, Complete, Factual, Independent, Impartial, Objective, Reliable, and Verifiable information.           Clients Satisfaction.           Competent & Skill Service.           Conscientious & Courteous Service.           Consistent Quality Service.           Cooperative Culture.           Diligent Preparation.           Ethical Behaviour: Equitable, Honourable, Just, Moral & Truthful Attitude.      Honesty and Integrity in Business Dealings.       Open, Respectful & Tolerant Dialogue.       Personal Accountability through Compliance with GHBA’s COPE       Team Player Spirit.

1.3.4.     AHBs are bound by the provisions of this COPE, have pledged adherence to the COPE and promise to abide by such provisions and observe the spirit of this COPE in all of their activities.

1.3.5.     This COPE covers the conduct of all AHBs in connection with transactions in general and dealings with Prospects, Clients, other AHBs, Independent Agents, Suppliers and Third-Parties.


N. B. Interested parties may download the COPE in PDF format, in the following link:
Code of Professional Ethics (COPE)

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