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  • You are a professional or an entrepreneur working in any sector but who knows people in the Hotel and/or Tourism Industry who can offer hotels for sale or investors who may be interested in investing in this safe haven which is hotels.

  • You wish to make some substantial extra earning but obviously you do not wish to bother giving any recommendation unless you receive a reasonable Referral Fee of 10% on the commission earned DURING THREE YEARS from the date of the introduction, from anyone you have presented.

  • You will have no further involvement but your ten per cent will continue to be applied on each transaction of a hotel purchase–sale concluded by the contacts you have introduced.

  • Once you have become an Independent Agent, you may continue to bring in contacts for as long as you wish and continue gaining these Referral Fees.

  • If you are that person, we would like to hear from you. It does not matter where you live or work, provided you know these interested parties, anywhere in the world.

  • You will be required to formalise the Agreement with The Global Hotel Brokers Alliance. Please contact us for more information and to become an Independent Agent of the G.H.B.A. You will be pleased to have made that decision.

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